Month: May 2019

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How Textio Is Pushing The Limits On Artificial Text Intelligence

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As a self-proclaimed skeptic of HR technology, Aubrey Blanche was reluctant to compose job posts using artificial intelligence that generates text. But the software produced by …


Southland to contribute new technology to Kiwi Fintech Accelerator programme

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Southland entrepreneurs are invited to a SBS Bank bootcamp to create innovative technology for the finance sector. At end of the two-day bootcamp on May 11-12, …


How technology helps our memories

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Guest Post When I was a student, in the distant past when most computers were still huge mainframes, I had a friend whose Ph.D. advisor insisted …


Technology and partnerships: Aramco underscores long-term offshore investment strategy

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Marking the 50th anniversary of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Saudi Aramco returns this year underscoring its long-term investment and partnerships enabling the company to continue …


Scrimmage Proving Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

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Derek Lundsten, Chief Executive Officer for Scrimmage, talks about the relationship between educating employees and their performance. David Meltzer, VIP Contributor for Entrepreneur, and CEO and …


Failure Comes With 2 Options. Which Will You Choose?

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Entrepreneur, professional speaker and author Leslie Zann shares a story about how her divorce forced her to reevaluate the way she approached life and business and …