Best Advantages of Technology is a tech news blog about all things technology and how to apply it to our lives.
It’s a new blog so spread the word around and help us grow! We’ll really appreciate it!

Who are we?

Well, there’s Jeremy Ngin, Sasha Tomers, Phil Li, Jennifer Ali, Wari Mannathol, Son Hu Min and Berry Liu.
We’re among a bunch of 10 young friends who love tech stuff. After all, between us, we’ve worked in tech companies in Bangkok, Thailand, South Africa, Burma and more recently Dubai.

This is our new blog where we will update you on brands, tech insights, tech brands emerging out of Asia, Europe and Africa.

We have a special emphasis on Africa since Jeremy (our head honcho) worked in Namibia, South Africa and Zambia for close to three years. It’s nice to see the tremendous transformation that’s going on in Africa through mobile phone technology and capture those trends in real time.

As always, we’re looking at best advantages, so every once in a while, we’ll pen down our interpretation of some of the top trends in technology and how you can apply it to your life.
If you do have any such story, we’d love to hear from you!

We accept guest posts from freelancers, editors, analysts and students, so head on over to our contact page, leave your information and social media handles and we’ll be in touch!

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