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David Makuyu: A Digital Radio Sales Dashboard That Works

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Radio Is Digital.

And every aspect of radio operations can now be managed digitally.

Take monitoring your transmitter downtime rates.

From the safety of your laptop, you can monitor, activate, de-activate and reduce downtime for multiple transmitters across the country using an app.

A radio host can be on holiday anywhere in the world, record his show remotely from his laptop, log on to his station’s playlist, insert, schedule his show and it will air as if he’s physically in the studio.

A radio producer can do the same when scheduling the day’s commercial log.

Impressive isn’t it?

There’s more.

Another thing you can do is now totally automate your entire marketing and sales department function with a digital module, more specifically a digital dashboard built specifically for radio.

Broadcast Radio Digital Dashboard

Let me explain.

The one thing any radio station can do with more of is… customers. Make that willing customers who want to buy from you every time.

No more cold calling.

No more issues of non-closed sales.

Every client who approaches you through this digital radio sales dashboard wants to do business with you.

Our leading edge digital radio dashboard does just that.


Radio Sales Digital Dashboard

Our new Digital Dashboard for Radio Stations generates Web Leads and new advertisers for market-exclusive radio groups.

It’s an all-in-one KPI platform that supports a client customized, fully-managed B2B radio sales website and inbound marketing tools.

It helps radio stations make the most out of digital marketing.

Inbound marketing is the fuel of the digital dashboard.

With this dashboard, you can increase qualified leads, increase repeat business, generate new revenue streams and give prospective clients a quick snapshot of your radio station.


The Radio Sales Digital Dashboard Rests On 9 Pillars:

  1. B2B Website
  2. SEO Optimization
  3. Inbound marketing
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Powerful Landing Pages
  6. Sales Funnel
  7. Email Marketing
  8. On-Air Promos
  9. Contests And Promotions

Let’s unpack the Radio Sales Digital Dashboard.

It’s exactly as it states.

Pillar #1. B2B Website

We design an attractive B2B Radio Sales website for you.

Radio Marketing Digital Dashboard

The website comes with 12 highly customizable pages with key information that is designed to convert prospective visitors into first time clients.

For example, your prospective clients will want to know who you are, which market demographic you reach, how you operate. One page is dedicated to that. This is mostly the “About” page.

Another page contains demos of adverts you’ve produced in the past. Potential clients want to hear the kind of ads you would produce for them.

David Makuyu Radio Digital Dashboard

Your client will also want to know the specifics about each station – its key demographic, advertising rates, advertising options and formats, and USP. One page is dedicated for that.

Your rate card is another page, designed for attractive in-obtrusive reading.

Another page contains client testimonials.

You get the picture…


Pillar #2: SEO Optimization

Your biggest sales and most unexpected, non-traditional sales leads will come from prospects finding you through Google.

Through advanced SEO optimization techniques, we get your website ranking for targeted longtail keywords.

One of the best ways is to rank for local terms.

Say, advertisers in your area are looking for “best radio stations in London”

That’s a long-tail keyword you should be ranking for.

Suppose someone else is searching for “best radio stations to advertise small businesses”

That’s another keyword that you need to be ranking for, because you may be losing out on great business deals.

In addition to keyword ranking, the only way to the top of Search Engines is through linkbuilding.

Our process enables you to build links quickly and naturally, enabling you to shoot to the top of Google in the shortest time possible.

In the interest of time, we won’t get into the details of our exact process, we’ll cover it in another topic.

Pillar #3. Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

According to Hubspot, inbound marketing is “the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.”

Instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and praying for leads, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product, where they naturally want to be.

A complete inbound marketing strategy will generate traffic to your website, generate leads, nurture those leads into sales, and gather data at every step to improve your conversion ratios.

Improving your conversion ratios will allow you to generate more leads out of your traffic that will lead to more sales – all from traffic you already have. Improve that traffic even more, and your results expand even further.

With an inbound marketing, you can spend less than you did with traditional methods with better results.

Contact us for a consultation so we can work with you to determine the best course of action tailored to your company.

Why Is Inbound Marketing Important?

Inbound marketing is critical for your B2B website to attract leads. We therefore get you started with 12 in-depth blog articles on topics that many business owners/marketing managers are actively searching for on the web.

Let’s give you some examples:

  • 51 Killer Marketing Ideas guaranteed to drive more traffic to your business.
  • How to grow your niche business by 101%.
  • Proven ways to increase your customer base by 65%.
  • Radio Advertising: A Step By Step Formula For Successful Advertising.
  • How to launch your new product with a ZERO marketing budget.
  • Using inbound marketing to grow revenue.
  • 21 of the best marketing strategies for Retail Stores.
  • 21 Ways To Manage A Successful Product Launch.
  • 31 Do’s and don’ts of successful advertising.
  • 11 Best media stations with a guaranteed 78% ROI On Your Spend.

This is inbound marketing at its best.

See this example below..

In this screenshot, you can see search results for the query, “marketing ideas guaranteed to drive more traffic to your business”

If we were to develop unique content around this term, we would make it rank on the first page of Google.

As you can see, this query ( which I did randomly) has about 96 million results already.

That shows this is a query that a lot of people are searching for. It therefore helps you qualify interest.

Suppose your website had top quality unique content built around terms like this.

Tons of people will find your website in no time.

Using inbound marketing, we are able to attract quality leads to your website.

We also enhance the variety and scope of the content by adding downloadable reports, infographics, custom images and more.

What your prospective client first sees when they land on your B2B website is a highly valuable business resource packed with resources, sales & advertising tips, valuable business content and case studies that they can put to practical use.

Your website is heavily optimized to attract this prospective client using advanced SEO optimization techniques so that you land on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords.

Here’s another example

This search query is, “21 Killer marketing ideas guaranteed to drive more traffic to your business..”

You can bet that many marketing managers want to know how to boost their brand’s visibility.

A topic like this would naturally be of key interest to them.

Remember, you’re developing content that’s useful to your customer – content that helps them, not you.

Pillar #4. Lead Generation

Generate and Nurture Leads

Remember the sales cycle we spoke about? Customers are at various stages and may not be ready to buy from you just yet.

They may want more convincing that you are the best option, that your advertising package will really work for them.

A common mistake companies make is trying to convert a new lead directly into a sale. It won’t happen.

So what do you do?

You nurture your leads.

You first give them the content they need to satisfy their queries and bring them into a comfortable place of trust and credibility.

We design and implement methods to capture information from your traffic so you can nurture them as leads, you are losing potential sales from most of your traffic.

There’s another scenario where you get traffic to your website, but they leave eventually and it doesn’t show in your bottom line.

When you work with us, we reduce this to a bare minimum statistic. We develop a plan to capture your website traffic, turn that traffic into leads, and nurture those leads through your sales funnel until it realizes in a sale.

Some of these methods include developing premium content and offers, landing pages, and calls to action from your website.

Using a combination of blog, social media presence, and email marketing we can turn your traffic into leads.

After we generate traffic to your website and turn them into leads, we will use methods such as lead nurturing email campaigns to educate your leads and provide them with more offers, if necessary, to further qualify them.

The result? Sales.


Pillar #5. Develop A Powerful Landing Page

Lead generation leads naturally to a powerfully designed landing page.

This landing page converts a one-time visitor into an email subscriber through the offer of a valuable free incentive. Most people will submit their email in return for a valuable offer.

In the case of radio, this could be 3 days of free radio advertising subject to terms and conditions, or an added value boost of social media advertising if they book a radio campaign within the next two days.

Offers and special incentives vary depending on the station and the caliber of client you are trying to attract.

Our landing page includes an email opt-in mechanism straight to the inbox of one of your customer service agents.

Your landing page is the most important part of your B2B website.

We design and develop an attractive offer every month that becomes your monthly sales promotion. In return for that offer, the person must opt in to our autoresponder email service.

Thereafter, they will receive a series of emails that contain special offers, more valued content and advertising incentives.

Every lead is followed up until it lands in a sale.

And since, they voluntarily opted in; there are no cases of unsolicited emails.

The process of feeding them valuable information FOR FREE is critical because it builds trust and establishes you as an authority in the space.

Guess where they will come when they want to advertise?

Pillar #6. Putting The Sales Funnel To Work

This is a critical part of the entire system.

So far, we’ve put out attractive content that leads prospective clients back to our website where we secured their email and contact information through our landing pages.

These landing pages qualify the specific interest your prospect has.

Your sales team now gets involved.

They reach out to the prospect through email or phone call and offer various incentives through a smart ‘Upsell and Downsell’ mechanism.

Say, you have a coffee shop that wants to advertise.

They express their interest in a Commercial Spot campaign.

But since they are a coffee shop, footfall would be best for their business. You therefore reach out to them and offer them an on-ground activation at their premises, where your radio hosts reward customers who show up for a cup of coffee.

You’ve now added an additional solution to them that adds value to them, but also makes you incremental revenue.

Pillar #7: Email Marketing

This is pivotal for post-campaign follow up.

Now that you have their email address, you can reach out to them every so often, notifying them of special campaigns, promotions and offers that may be of interest to them.

Many businessmen will tell you that repeat business is the lifeline of their business.

Our system enables you craft and develop winning email marketing campaigns that keep your prospects happy and interested in you.


Pillar #8. On-Air Promos

We develop on air promos that you air on your radio that direct any interested clients back to your website to view/see more

Our creative team works hand in hand with you to design monthly sales offers and promotions that are relevant to your market.

This enables us to perform effective lead generation.

Pillar #9: Contests And Promotions

Every month we feature a new advertising opportunity on your home page.

This can be an active sales promotion or a generic advertising opportunity, like sponsorships, remotes, seminars, expos and more.

These promotions are used as lead bait.

Prospects fill out a special landing page form to be contacted about pricing and details.

And we make the process hassle-free by doing all the work for you.

We highlight the promotion with a (1) home page teaser panel and a (2) special notification bar that appears at the top of your home page.

Intrigued prospects click the learn more buttons and are taken to the promotion’s (3) landing page where they receive more details and fill out a form to be contacted for pricing and additional information.


With our broadcast radio dashboard tool, any radio station has a simple, effective and proven system to draw in new leads, convert those leads into business and improve your bottom line.

It also takes pressure off the sales teams and allows them to concentrate on the greater task of customer management.

As the radio industry becomes more fragmented, easier, smarter tools that make use of the technology readily available to us will help media groups keep above water.

About The Author

David Makuyu is a digital brand architect, radio industry professional who consults for a number of media houses in Africa. David has a wealth of experience in radio, having spent over 16 years with several stations in various capacities ranging from Creative Producer, Head Of Radio, Station Manager to Sponsorships & Promotions Manager.

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