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David Makuyu: Why Inbound Marketing Works For Radio Stations

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Why Inbound Marketing Works For Today’s Radio Stations

A complete inbound marketing strategy will generate traffic to your website, generate leads, nurture those leads into sales, and gather data at every step to improve your conversion ratios.

Remember the old approach of door to door selling?

In most cases, the best you can expect are closing sale ratios of 5-10%.

Not a very good closing rate. It hardly does any motivational encouragement for frustrated salespersons who don’t know other avenues of improving that closing rate.

Yet many companies still insist on this method.

A more advanced method of the ol’ door-to-door method is calling up all your contacts first thing in the morning, spending the first two hours of the day, between 8-10 am setting up meetings, and then visiting clients.

Media sales people will surf the newspapers, jot down the contacts of companies advertising, calling up the same companies and offering them your radio advertising package as an option.

The problem with this approach is that you’re reaching out to people in different stages in the sales cycle.

They may not even be ready to buy just yet due to a number of factors – low budgets, profit warnings, retrenchment, low sales.

So your sales team comes back to the office with less than an 50% closing sale average in a day, and you beat them over the roof for a challenge they had no control over.

In other words…

Traditional marketing tactics are expensive and are becoming less and less effective.

Inbound marketing is about getting found by people ready to buy from you.

They express their desire to spend based on a dedicated search for information.

Inbound marketing places you in front of these people when they are searching for that information. Inbound marketing is all about getting found.

There are people on the Internet right now looking for your products and services.

We can make sure they find you with methods such as proper website design and content, search engine optimization, blogging, and social media marketing.


This Is Why We Built A Digital Radio Sales Dashboard

This is a smart sales system that combines inbound marketing with expert SEO optimization to boost lead generation leading in higher sales conversions and repeat business.

Radio Digital Marketing Dashboard, David Makuyu

Any business will tell you that repeat business is a huge part of the success formula.

Our B2B website gives us a one stop shop to monitor, track and eventually convert all the sales leads from our marketing efforts.

With this one dashboard, you can monitor and track the following metrics:

  • Track leads.
  • Respond to every lead.
  • Upsell and Downsell
  • All-In-One Multiple Sell funnel
  • Monitor daily/monthly progress on your dashboard.
  • Find out what approaches work.
  • Conversion techniques.
  • Fix what doesn’t work, upscale what does work.



Reach out to us and we’ll demonstrate the power of broadcast radio’s top sales dashboard tool.

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