Scrimmage Proving Happy Employees Are Productive Employees


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Derek Lundsten, Chief Executive Officer for Scrimmage, talks about the relationship between educating employees and their performance.

David Meltzer, VIP Contributor for Entrepreneur, and CEO and Founder, Sports 1 Marketing chats with Derek Lundsten, Chief Executive Officer for Scrimmage, about Scrimmage’s evolution from pilot to profit, and how their unique approach to mobile learning promotes personal development for organizations big and small, as well as encouraging employee engagement.

Lundsten and The Playbook host David Meltzer share their thoughts on the impact that Scrimmage’s award-winning educational platform has had in terms of generating consistency and impacting performance in a positive way for organizations in a variety of industries.

The pair discuss their personal playbook to maximizing an individual’s talents through continued education and the need to be humble enough to seek out others who can teach new lessons.

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